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From an article on the American Scientist website:

Debra Fischer is an astrophysicist at Yale University who has discovered hundreds of exoplanets, and she was the first to discover a system with several exoplanets around one star.

On September 30, American Scientist met up with Dr. Fischer for a Google Hangout to discuss the methods used to find exoplanets, how much we can currently decipher about these planets’ properties, and what new information some planned ground and space-based observatories might be able to contribute. She also tackled the all-important question of whether we might find exoplanets that support life.

This event marked the first in a series of Google Hangouts with all of Sigma Xi’s Distinguished Lecturers, one of whom is Dr. Fischer. Dr. Fischer also helps to run a citizen science project called Planet Hunters, which aims to classify readings and find exoplanets with the public’s help.

For an in-depth discussion on exoplanets and how they are discovered, see Section 9.2, p. 236-244 in The Cosmos.

Link: Original article on American Scientist


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