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  • Includes images from recent space missions, the Solar Dynamics Observatory, Herschel Space Observatory, and Planck satellite, as well as the Hubble Space Telescope, the Chandra X-ray Observatory, the Keck Observatory, and the Very Large Telescope set of four telescopes in Chile
  • Redesigned, streamlined pages highlight the breathtaking imagery
  • Mathematics is provided in boxes and easily read around, making the book suitable for courses taking mathematical and nonmathematical approaches
  • New discussion questions encourage students to think widely around astronomy and the role science plays in our everyday lives
  • A whole chapter is dedicated to exoplanets, one of the most exciting parts of contemporary astronomy
  • ‘Star Party’ features engage students and encourage them to put into practice what they have learned by showing them real celestial phenomena
  • Colorful, improved star maps from Wil Tirion, the foremost celestial cartographer, help students link to the night sky
  • ‘A Closer Look’ boxes highlight topics and examples that students find most interesting or important to study

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