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Here’s what instructors have to say:

“[The authors] have kept things simple with clear explanations. It is full of important, non-trivial stuff with deep science indicated… It certainlyconveys the excitement and beauty of astronomy.” – Professor Gerald Wasserburg, California Institute of Technology

“This is an extraordinarily attractive, captivating, and easy-to-follow textbook of modern astronomy. I will happily continue to use it in teaching my course.” – Professor Alex Wolszczan, Penn State University

“…the work of two great astronomers and top teachers … clear and concise. This is the text I would use for my introductory astronomy course.” – Professor Arun Venkatachar, Ohio University

“The authors convey a clear and enthusiastic pedagogic presentation of an exciting field. As a textbook, it will be of great benefit to students, providing a valuable starting point to learn about the subject … The Cosmos stands out for its continued excellence over time.” – Dr. Roger Kadala, Hawaii Pacific University

“… long considered one of the best descriptive astronomy books, the new Fourth Edition is even better … not only a beautifully illustrated text, but has many of the latest developments in astronomy.” – Professor Victor Kriss, Lewis-Clark State College

“… my first choice for a textbook for introductory astronomy. Hundreds of students in my introductory astronomy class have used The Cosmos as the primary text, and I am very happy with the coverage and presentation of the material.” – Professor Steinn Sigurðsson, Penn State University

“… a splendid new addition to The Cosmos series, distinguished by its crisp, interesting, and informative style and made all the more accessible through the generous use of photographs, charts, and diagrams that greatly facilitate one’s understanding.” – Mark Rader, Notre Dame High School


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