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Chapter by chapter video podcasts

Featuring Jay M. Pasachoff, hosted by Williams College:

1. A grand tour of the heavens (watch – large file size)
2. Light, matter and energy: powering the Universe (watch)
3. Light and telescopes: extending our senses (watch)
4. Observing the stars and planets: clockwork of the Universe (watch)
5. Gravitation and motion: the early history of astronomy (watch)
6. The terrestrial planets: Earth, Moon, and their relatives (watch)
7. The Jovian planets: windswept giants (watch)
8. Pluto, comets, and space debris (watch)
9. Our Solar System and others (watch)
10. Our star: the Sun (watch)
11. Stars: distant suns (watch 1 watch 2)
12. How the stars shine: cosmic furnaces (watch)
13. The death of stars: recycling (watch 1 watch 2)
14. Black holes: the end of space and time (watch)
15. The Milky Way: our home in the Universe (watch 1 watch 2)
16. A Universe of galaxies (watch)
17. Quasars and active galaxies (watch)
18. Cosmology: the birth and life of the cosmos (watch)
19. In the beginning (watch)
20. Life in the Universe (watch)


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