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A total lunar eclipse will be visible throughout the continental United States on the night of Monday April 14-Tuesday April 15, 2014.  Eclipses of the Sun and of the Moon are discussed in Section 4.2, starting on p. 70.

Lunar eclipse

Credit: Michael Zeiler,

An animation showing the visibility of the eclipse and all relevant times may be seen here:
It was made by Michael Zeiler (; Mr. Zeiler accompanied author Jay M. Pasachoff on the expedition to observe the total solar eclipse of November 2013 from Gabon in Africa.

The opening partial phase of the eclipse begins about 2 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time, with the total eclipse lasting from about 3:07 am to 4:25 am EDT.  The closing partial phase of the eclipse ends at 5:33 am EDT, and will be visible from most of the U.S. and Canada but not from the East Coast.  In Pacific Daylight Time, the eclipse is 11 pm partial/12:07-1:25 am totality/-2:33 end.