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Credit: Lunar and Planetary Insitute

Credit: Lunar and Planetary Insitute

Planetary Science Nuggets are PowerPoint slides that have been provided to NASA Science Mission Directorate’s Planetary Science Division by members of the scientific community to highlight important science results or mission activities. A subset of these submissions are selected by the Planetary Science Division to be presented to SMD leadership and, potentially, NASA leadership, OSTP and the White House. This collection represents those selected Nuggets.

Link: Planetary Science Nuggets hosted by the Lunar and Planetary Institute.


p. 563, Appendix 3C Our Solar System: Orbital Properties of Planets

The units of the ‘Semimajor Axis’ second column are out by a factor of 10; they should be 10^6 km, i.e. millions of kilometers. (The equivalent column is shown correctly in Appendix 3D.)